Mr. Keiji Munesada and Vandoren (JP)

Postée le 28/11/2013
Durée : 10:53

I’m a saxophonist, Keiji Munesada.

I take part in an International Saxophone Quartet as a tenor player and in Japan I teach younger people at three universities at the moment.
I use the Vandoren “Traditional” reed. For Alto, #3, and for Tenor, basically #3 and #3 1/2 depending on the music I play.

It was my high school years when I met the Vandoren reeds and started to use them at the time I began to understand the saxophone. It was a recommendation of my senior. And at that time, I was not able to judge reeds and could not feel that “the Vandoren reeds were absolutely the best”.

After entering university of music and as I pursued the path of saxophones, in view of tone color and resonance, I realized that the Vandoren reeds fit me best and was able to produce the wonderful note and tone color. I tried many reeds but came back to the Vandoren reeds. I believe the Vandoren reeds are the best for me with all things considered, not only just the sound and tone color, but also the controllability and the less noise. I have been using it until now.

The ligature I currently use is the Optimum. For Alto, Plate #3 and for Tenor, Plate #1. Before using the Optimum, I tried variety of ligatures to seek the one which I could play easily. However, I couldn’t find an appropriate one for me.

During my College years, I even used a Vandoren clarinet ligature for a short period. At the time I was seeking for the best ligature by trial and error, the Optimum was released.

When I first used the Optimum, I was shocked by it’s the resonance and sound volume which I’ve never imagined. At that moment, I thought “This is the one I’ve been looking for!” and I’ve been using it until now from the release.

At that time, I usually played in orchestras in large halls. My desire in performance is to resonate the rich sound far away. The Optimum fulfilled my wish and it is the only one ligature that suite me. It is now a part of me since I met it.

Vandoren is originally a manufacturer of reeds. The manufacturer which has a tradition and a history of considering the most important things for music, such as the sound produced from the reeds, how the sound transmits to the instruments, etc.. I think that Vandoren is a manufacturer which has been studying in their field thinking of the importance of the sound itself as they have been engaged in the source of produced sounds by instruments. I believe this is the reason that they earned a high level of confidence from us, players.

The Vandoren products are not only easy to play, but creates absolutely great sounds and fulfills the sensitive demands of players. That is why we are comfortable to recommend the Vandoren products to students at well. If there is someone who is suffering from tone color or intonation, please try the Vandoren products. They will surely meet your expectation. Just pick it up and try.


Keiji Munesada was born in 1949 in Fukui, Japan. He was the first prize winner of the Japan Music Competition in 1973 and graduated from Kunitachi College of Music where he was the recipient of the Takeoka Award.

He also studied in France where he competed First prize degrees at the Bordeaux Conservatory. Since returning to Japan in 1979, he has premiered many Japanese works for saxophone. As a concert saxophonist he has also performed with many orchestras in Japan. He is presently a Lecturer at the Elizabeth University of Music.